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Choosing Your Pool Shape and Size

THERE IS A GREAT SELECTION OF FIBERGLASS POOL SHAPES AND SIZES AVAILABLE! Selecting the proper shape and size for your pool is crucial. It's important to choose a shape that complements your backyard/landscape, accomodates by-law set-backs and other such restrictions, and meets your family's requirements in terms of water depths and special features. We will help you to choose a shape (Rectangle, Kidney, Custom, Classic, Free Form, Lap Pools, Etc.) that complements your imagination and your site.

Below is just a selection of the shapes and sizes available. These particular models are offered by Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools. In each shape, we have illustrated only one model but each shape has several models giving you a wide variety of choices to fit your needs. 

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FreeformAnd many more pool shapes and sizes.

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cascade waterfall pool feature

aerial view of pool