Swim Spas

Swimming's version of running on the spot!

There may be several reasons that you would consider a swim spa instead of a regular pool. A couple quickly come to mind:

  • You have a small yard.
  • You lead an active lifestyle (or want to start) and want the benefit of an aerobic swim right in your own backyard

Swim Spas area lot smaller than a regular-sized pool so it can fit in just about any yard. But, the real benefits of a swim spa come from what you can do in it—exercises including water aerobics, swimming (against a current), and water jogging.

According to experts, water aerobics and aquatic therapy exercises have these important benefits. They:

  • improve cardiovascular health
  • increase and maintain muscular flexibility
  • improve mobility and range of motion
  • increase muscular strength
  • improve coordination, balance, and postural alignment

So if your yard is a little small or if you want the perfect place to get some exercise, consider a swim spa. There are many sizes available that will fit in just about any backyard.

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